Hey there!

I am Charley and I am all about being the best version of myself possible. For me, that includes being productive, efficient, and happy! I have developed methods that help me do all of these and I hope that by sharing them I can help you find happiness and gain control of the chaos known as life.

I began cooking and preparing meals for my family at age 5.  My entire life I have always shown people love and affection through cooking.  My very first job was actually preparing meals for elderly people in my neighborhood and delivering them dinner each night.  I was in 4th grade when I started this!  Food has always been my way to help.

I grew up working in the food industry and eventually began teaching cooking classes with an emphasis on using food storage!  I have always had a love of being prepared for all the things and food storage is no exception.  

As my life evolved many of my hobbies and interests began to expand.  Now not only do I love cooking but I love running my household in an organized and efficient manner. I want to play with my kids as much as possible and to be able to do that I need to have my house in order without taking my entire life over.