Age-Appropriate Summer Chore List for Kids

Summer is halfway over!  In my house, this means that not only is it brutally hot but everyone has fallen into the phase of summer where all of us want to do is be lazy.  It is the worst. In addition to implementing our daily schedule, I decided to create an age-appropriate summer chore list for kids.

Chores are a way to say “thank you’ and “I appreciate having a home”.  Chores are not to earn an allowance.  If my children want an allowance they have a list of possible tasks they can complete to earn any money.  This particular topic is for another day, so I better not get started.

So, back to the topic at hand.  Summer chores for kids.  Summertime usually means there is more time for the kids to help around the house.  I think that the older the kids get the more they are able to help around the home.  However, I also believe that children should be allowed to be children because this phase of life is fleeting.

Due to my contradicting feelings on kids being actively engaged in maintaining the home and allowing them to be children I created a list of daily chores.  I believe this list will help teach the kiddos some responsibility while not taking ridiculous amounts of time, therefore allowing them to stay little.

This chore list is also broken down by age groups.  As children grow they can take on more intricate tasks.

The Age-Appropriate Summer Chore List

Summer Chores for Kids

As your child grows its important to continue to add responsibility.  By teaching them to do chores we are not only helping them learn life long skills but we are instilling in them a feeling of capability and pride in their efforts.

As they age I like to simply add a few chores to their list.

For example, my 2-year-old is responsible for the following tasks each day.  He places his pj’s into the hamper in the morning after I change him.  He throws away his own fruit snack wrappers and he is also responsible for picking up and putting away his toys.

Now, my 3-year-old does all the same things my 2-year-old does.  However, he also sets the table for me while I am preparing meals and he helps me make his bed each and every morning.

And my big guy.  He is a whopping 5 years old!  He does everything the little boys do plus he helps clear the table and he is responsible to feed the fish and the cat.

You can see that I add small chores to their list in addition to what they previously did as they grow.

Because my kids are little I don’t have them do a ton of chores.  But, if you have bigger kids you can add things like mowing the lawn, vacuuming, loading and unloading the dishwasher, etc. Make sure you are tasking them with age-appropriate summer chores.

By using my list I am able to make sure that my children are assisting in me in daily tasks.  I feel as if it helps them appreciate all the things I do for our home.  Plus, every child needs to be able to make their bed when they are grown!

XOXOX ~ Charley

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