Easy Dehydrated Banana Chips

Dehydrated banana chips are a great snack.  They are a great way to use those bananas that are getting too ripe especially if you already have a freezer full for smoothies and bread.

Not only is dehydrating bananas SUPER easy but it brings the sweetness out in the bananas. My kids refer to dehydrated banana chips as Banana Cookies because they taste like a treat.

Steps to Dehydrated Bananas Chips

When you start looking into dehydrating food you will want to think about how intense you are going to be with it. They make a large variety of dehydrators ranging in prices, airflow direction, size, etc. I elected to get the Presto 06301 Dehydrator. It works AWESOME!!

The first thing you will want to do is peel and slice your bananas. Depending on if you want your banana chips a little chewy or not will determine your thickness of slices. I like a variety so I cut them however my blade falls and call it good :).

Thicker slices will be chewier than the thinly sliced pieces

After you have sliced your bananas you simply lay them on the trays. Depending on how fancy I am being will depend on if I add any extra seasoning. I have drizzled honey over them before which makes them super sweet and adds a little extra crunch if dried long enough.

Make sure when you are laying them out to keep them from touching. You want to make sure to have plenty of airflow around each slice. This not only allows even dehydrating but shortens the time too.

After the trays are full I set my dehydrator at 135 degrees and walk away for approximately 15 hours.

If you want them to be extra crunchy allow some extra time. If you want them chewy shorten the time. You can rotate your trays once or twice through the dehydration time. If you chose to do this it will help ensure all the trays are evenly dehydrated. I don’t typically do this simply because we like a variety in ours. We love them crunchy but we also love them a little chewy.

Once they are done simply remove them from the trays and place in the storage container of your choice.

Storage of Dehydrated Banana Chips

Banana chips can be stored in a variety of ways. I use sandwich bags so my kids don’t eat them all in one sitting. Another option is a Tupperware type container that has a good seal or you can even can them! Depending on your storage choice will depend on shelf life. Ziploc storage is a few weeks but canning them will extend the shelf life to 10-15 years!!!

I hope you get to try this easy healthy snack!

With Love ~ Charley