How to Clean Washer and Dryer the EASY Way!

There are certain household tasks that often get neglected.  One of the most common is the cleaning of the washer and dryer.  To help combat the neglect of our machines I thought I would share a step by step of how to clean the washer and dryer the easy way.


Let’s start with the washing machine.  The washing machine is actually super easy to clean!  It does most of the work for you! LOL.

First, grab some baking soda.  I take 2 cups of baking soda and sprinkle it around my washing machine.  Then simply find the longest hottest wash you have on your machine and let it rip.  My machine has a clean cycle that I use but if your machine does not any long hot cycle will do.

Baking Soda directly into machine tub

Once that cycle is done dump 2 cups of plain white vinegar into the machine tub.  Then, you simply run that same cycle again.

After you have completed the 2 cycles you can wipe out the bin.  At this stage, I like to also make sure the dispenser bins and rims are clean by wiping them out with a vinegar and water solution.

Finally, I wipe down the exterior of the machine with an all-purpose cleaner and a microfiber or cotton cloth.  I love these ones from Amazon!

Ta-Da! You officially have a clean washer!  Now, let’s keep it that way.

How to Keep it Clean

  • Use the correct measurements in your machineBefore and After of the ridge
  • Keep the lid open between washes
  • Don’t leave clothes in the washer – try to switch them to the dryer as soon as the cycle ends
  • Complete a deep clean every 6 months


The dryer is one of those machines we appreciate but don’t really think about.  It is vital we clean our dryers regularly.  If we don’t clean our dryers regularly we risk it not performing well but most importantly we risk a potential fire.

The first thing to do when clean the dryer is to thoroughly clean the lint trap.  You should be cleaning the lint trap after each load of laundry by every 6 months do a deep clean on it.  Take the collector out and completely clean it.  I do this by simply taking it to the sink and using my sprayer to completely spray it off.  I then wipe it down with a cloth and place in the sun to dry.

How to Clean a Washer and Dryer

At this stage of the cleaning, I take my vacuum and suck out any excess lint out of the trap.

Then slide the dryer away from the wall and remove the dryer tube from the dryer.  The back of the dryer should have a silver vent like a panel on the back of it.  Unscrew that and start carefully vacuuming. You want to make sure all the lint and dust is vacuumed out of both the body of the dryer and the hose and vent.

Let’s be honest here… this part is a pain.  I recommend doing this every 6 months.  Spring and Summer months lead to lots of dust and debris that can get sucked into the body of your machine while the Fall and Winter months have heavier style clothing that may produce more lint.

Once the machine has been thoroughly vacuumed give that bad boy a good wipe down.  I use an All-Purpose cleaner and my trusted microfiber cloths and I clean the exterior and the interior of the dryer.

Finally, re-assemble your dryer and slide back into place.  Before placing your lint trap collector back in the machine make sure it is FULLY dry.

Keeping Your Dryer Clean

When it comes to keeping your machine clean I recommend just a few things.

  1.  ALWAYS empty the lint trap between each load.
  2. Do a QUICK wipe down of your machines once a week.  I like to do this when I do my load of towels.
  3. Don’t turn the top of your machine into a storage space.  I have caught myself stacking things on the top of the dryer.  When I do this it makes the area feel cluttered and dirty and makes laundry that much harder to do.

How to Clean a Washer and Dryer

I hope this post on how to clean your washer and dryer helps you tackle this project.  If you do this regularly your machines will last longer, clean better, and be safer in your home.


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