Quick and Easy Way to Self Care

What a whirlwind my life has been lately.  Luckily, I am beginning to find peace and structure again. Over these last few months, I have let myself slip.  I stopped doing a lot of the things I love because life was hectic and unstructured. One of the best things to get me back on track is to begin taking care of myself again.  Here I share my tried and tested, quick and easy way to self-care.


There are many ways to self-care.  Some people like to exercise, some people like to shop, or take a hot bath, or go to a salon, or read a book, or hundreds of other things.  But, sometimes life doesn’t always allow us to do things we really want to do.  We may have financial limitations that prevent us from salon trips, or maybe we don’t have childcare available to enable us to have alone time. But, there is something everyone has.  We have the ability to record.  Whether we are writing things with pen and paper, taking notes on our phones or computer, making audio or video recordings, or chiseling things in stone.  We all have the ability to keep a record of things in some way.

This is why my very favorite way of quick self-care is to take a few minutes each day and record 9 things.  Sure I would love to be able to go to the salon for a few hours every few weeks or have a luncheon with some friends but we can’t do these things every day!  But, every day we need to care for ourselves! And this method of self-care is something we can do DAILY to help keep our minds and our hearts full of peace and love.

9 Things to Record Daily

Each day I recommend recording 3 things in the following categories.

  1. Things I am grateful for
  2. 3 things I like about myself (not physical)
  3. Things I did right

3 Things I am Grateful For

Every day I like to take a moment and reflect on the blessings I have.  I am not talking about the great big things, although I am so grateful for them, I am talking about the little things. So…instead of saying I am grateful for my family, my faith, and my home I record things like… I am grateful for the sound of the fall leaves crunching under my feet as I walked to the school bus, I am grateful that my boys spent 30 minutes playing with their barn toys allowing me to do my makeup in peace today, I am grateful for the text message I received from a friend.

The things I record and things that make me happy, that bring joy and light into my life and are also the things most of us overlook.  We get so caught up in the big things we sometimes forget the little.

3 Things I Like About Myself

All over social media, the buzz is about better body love.  I think that is great but I think we need to focus on better love and not necessarily body love.  There is such a thing as loving yourself and not having it have anything to do with our physical appearance.  I for one struggle A LOT with my appearance, but I don’t struggle with who I am inside.   If I were to place my value on the way I look, which at times I have done and am constantly teaching myself not to do, I would be a wreck!

We are more than bodies, we are more than what society says is beautiful and desirable.  We are souls, we are hearts, we are personalities!  That is where our value should come from!

To help me combat the negative self-hate and placing my worth on my body I began recording 3 things I like about myself that are NOT physical.  So instead of saying… I like my eyes, I like my hair, and I like that I am tall I record things like…I love that I am willing to serve others, I love that I am loyal to my friends and loved ones, I love that I don’t give up.

By focusing on the things that make us who we are we are training ourselves to love who we are inside.  And, who doesn’t need more love in our lives?

3 Things I Did Right

Life is hard.  We make mistakes.  We lose our tempers, we forget appointments, we judge, etc.  It is important to make sure we are growing and improving but in the process, we must not beat ourselves up over the mistakes we have made.  If we take a few minutes each day to focus on things that we do right each day we will realize just how well we are really doing!

If there is an area of my life I want to work on I try to make sure I focus on recording things I did right in that particular area.  For example, say you are struggling with parenting.  You could record things like…Today I didn’t yell at my child when they knocked over the cup of milk, or Today I say down and read to my child for 30 minutes, or Today I looked at my child and felt so much love for them.

Of course, there are moments each and every day where we mess up but by recording these moments of things we did right we build our self-esteem and not only that eventually, we will think about our actions a bit more so we can record them.

Quick and Easy Self-Care

I promise that if you take a few moments each day your worth will improve, your joy will overflow, and you will be able to ensure that there is enough in you to help those you love.

Self-care is important, it is essential.  Self-care does not have to be difficult, expensive, or require time away.  All it takes is a few minutes each day to refill your cup and count your blessings to help put us back into a good headspace.  This quick and easy way to self-care can improve your life, just like it has mine!





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