RR: Coffee Cake Banana Bread

I think everyone knows someone that has that perfect banana bread recipe. I aspire to be that person one day so I have tried countless different recipes. Today I am going to be reviewing the most recent attempt.

If you follow me on Instagram you already saw me licking the spoon after mixing it. The batter was so freaking good! The recipe does call for 2 eggs so eat the batter at your own risk. I am a rebel and apparently have a total lack of self-preservation when it comes to eating dessert batters or dough.

The Batter was AMAZING

This recipe is titled “Coffee Cake Banana Bread” and it was created by the wonderful Michelle from www.alattefood.com. If you have not been to her website you need to go check it out. She has an amazing variety and her photography is beautiful.

A Few Things to Note

I highly recommend reading her post and following the directions she provides. I did not follow her instructions are close as I should have and unfortunately, it resulted in a not so perfect end result.

The first thing I messed up was I over-mixed the batter. Michelle’s instructions state to add the dry ingredients until “just combined”. By mixing too much I believe I messed with the texture. I had to increase my bake time by an extra 15 minutes because of the texture change which resulted in slightly dry bread. Don’t get me wrong. This bread is BOMB! The flavors are so amazing. I will definitely be making this again but next time I will not be mixing so long.


This recipe was so good. My kids devoured it. Heck, I devoured it. The flavors were so perfect. The crumble top added a bit of extra texture and sweetness that was to die for!

Difficulty: EASY

Time: 1 hour

Taste: 8.5