RR: Easy Granola Recipe

There is something about homemade granola.  This easy granola recipe is one of the best recipes for granola I have ever come across.

I first tried this recipe while I was at a food blogger retreat and EVERYONE loved it.  Alli from Longbourn Farms created this easy granola recipe and it has quickly been added to my go-to recipe collection.

Prep Work for the Easy Granola Recipe

This easy granola recipe is so easy to make!  It only took a few minutes to throw it all together.  The most intense part was the flipping of the granola every 15 minutes or so in the oven.

Alli calls for pecans and almonds but states you can use any nuts of your choosing.  I followed the recipe exactly and I loved it with the pecans and the almonds.  However, I think sunflower seeds would be amazing in it.

The Completed Granola

In case you are confused.  LOL.  This recipe is super easy and super delicious.

I paired this granola with some Tillamook Greek Yogurt and it was divine.  My husband and my kids ate the granola plain and as a cereal.  I think it would even make a great topping for a cheesecake-like the one I reviewed here.

Anyway, you want it, this granola is perfect.

Difficulty: EASY

Time: 55 minutes

Taste: 10

You read that right!  Alli’s Easy Granola Recipe scored a 10 on my taste review!  This recipe is the first 10 I have given so far!  IF that doesn’t tell you to RUN and make this recipe I don’t know what will!


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