RR: Easy Hawaiian Haystacks

Need a fast, easy, and totally customizable meal for your family? Look no further! This recipe from Cooking with Karli once again checks all my boxes.

I don’t know about you but I have picky eaters in my house. I have one kid who won’t eat cheese, 1 kid who won’t eat pizza or chocolate, 1 husband who won’t eat peppers or onions, and a baby still trying to figure everything out. Because of the different palate preferences in my home, I love meals that are customized at the table vs. at the stove. This meal is perfect for this!

Things I Learned

  1. Make sure if you are using frozen chicken to either separate them into separate pieces or up your cook time.
  2. Prep all toppings while rice is cooking. Toppings to include are; pineapple, olives, cheese, green onions, celery, chow mien noodles, shredded coconut, etc.


Overall this recipe is a keeper in my opinion. Every family needs a handful of quick go-to meals and this is one to add to your repertoire.

Difficulty: EASY

Time: 30 Minutes

Taste: 8.5