RR: Lasagna Soup

I don’t know if you have picked up on it. But, I am a fan of quick and EASY dinner ideas. As much as I love preparing elaborate meals for my family majority of the time I am running around like a headless chicken and need something that comes together quickly and tastes delicious.

This recipe for Lasagna Soup checks both boxes. This entire meal came together in about 30 minutes and had good flavor. Not only was it good but I got to use Ricotta, which I have always been scared of and have never used before. GASP!!! I cook all the time and I have always run away from Ricotta cheese recipes. I am not sure if its because I was pregnant most of my married life and couldn’t have soft cheese. Or, if I am scared of trying new things!

I Messed Up

In the recipe, she calls for some cans of diced tomato. No big deal, right? WRONG! My kids won’t touch the tomato chunks. So, I, not thinking things through, made the mistake of using my immersion blender in the pot instead of blending the tomatoes prior to adding them to the soup. Well, what is the problem with that? My immersion blender (which is amazing!) didn’t just blend the tomatoes. It blended the ground beef too! This was such a silly mistake on my part and has nothing to do with the recipe but I am a texture eater so I was a little put-off. BUT, THIS WAS COMPLETELY MY FAULT!

Use a meat chopper when browning hamburger! It works wonders!

Even with the texture a bit funky the flavor of the meal was spot on! I am definitely going to be making this dish again but this time I have learned from my mistakes. No immersion blender. 🙂


Christy from TheGirlWho8Everething not only provided a great dinner recipe but, she took a classic dish that is known to take a long time make a version that you can have on your table in under 30 minutes! What is not to love?!

Difficulty: EASY

Time: Under 30 minutes

Taste: 7.5-8