RR: No Bake Cheesecake

It is no secret that I love cooking and baking.  I love preparing food for my loved ones.  However, summer months get hot here in Utah.  And I don’t have air conditioning of any kind.  Therefore, every time I bake my house heats up and there is no hope of cooling down.

Because I like my sanity and keeping my house below 90 degrees I have been on the hunt for some easy No-Bake options.

Alli from Longbourn Farms recently released a No-Bake Cheesecake so of course, I had to test it out!  In addition to making her cheesecake recipe, I also used her Graham Cracker Crust recipe. So, this review is going to be a twofer!

The Crust

This crust is good!  I definitely recommend multiplying this recipe by  1.5 or 2 times if you are using a springform pan.  The flavor was really good!  The sweetness was perfect, subtle and not overpowering but still sweet.  It was perfect with cheesecake filling but I bet it would be good with any cream-style pie. I personally feel like fruit pies belong on pastry crusts and creams, jello, cheesecake, etc belong on a graham cracker crust.  But one of the perks of making things from scratch is you can customize every recipe to fit your personal preferences.


The No-Bake Cheesecake

Alli’s recipe for No-Bake Cheesecake is amazing.  It is so customizable and easy to adjust.  I followed the recipe exactly and I think it was delicious.  This dessert has a very soft lemon flavor and I even was able to pick up the tiny bit of almond.  It was so yummy.  Totally refreshing! Perfect for summer. 

I would recommend swapping out the greek yogurt for plain vanilla yogurt if you have people in your home who are picky.  The greek yogurt has a tiny tang, I didn’t notice it.  My husband saw the greek yogurt container and said he could taste it.  I think it is all in his mind but next time I make it I will stick to regular.


Overall I would definitely make this recipe again.  It was really easy, really delicious, SO CREAMY and so customizable that you can make it fit any taste buds you may encounter!


Difficulty: Easy       Time: 15 Prep + chill time      Taste: 8.5


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