Summer Car Tips

Summer. Its a love-hate relationship for me. I love all the fun activities that come with summer. Outdoor grilling, ice cones, tan lines, pool days are just a few things I love. I hate hearing the kids scream because the seat belt buckles are hot, or the sun is in their eyes. But hey, I hate when those things happen to me too!

One way to combat a few of the negative effects of summer is to be prepared. I have learned through trial and lots of errors that the most important thing to have prepped is my car!

I have come up with a list of must have items for your car this summer!


  1. Fine mist spray bottle: These ones are awesome to keep in the car. When you go to put your kiddos in the car give the buckets a quick spritz to take the heat away. These ones on Amazon are great and cheap!
  2. Hand Towel or Rag: These are great to keep in the car. Keep one up front so you can wipe your dash when you are waiting in the Starbucks line. Keep another one in the door or seat pocket for the backseats. When you take the kids out of the car you can cover the buckle with the rag so they don’t get baked in the sun.
  3. Sun Shades: Get sunshade for the kid’s windows and the front windshield. Not only will they help protect those kiddos from getting the dreaded one-sided car sunburn but it will help keep the sun out of their eyes because we all know that toddlers are awesome at keeping sunglasses on. LOL The front windshield shade is for when you are parked and helps protect your dash from getting sun damage. You can find them anywhere but Amazon has a plethora.
  4. Swim bag: In the summer months you always want to keep a swim bag in the car ready to go! You never know when you will find a splash pad or a stream to play in. Make sure to include a swimsuit for each kid along with swim diapers, towels (or 1 huge towel that can be used for all your kids), waterproof sunscreen, and water shoes. Make sure to use a bag with a waterproof lined bag so you can put the wet suits back in when you are done!
  5. Sun Bag: This bag is DIFFERENT than the swim bag. This bag is to hold sunscreens, aloe, sunglasses (I buy a bunch from the dollar store for the kids), and chapstick. I love one with lots of pockets so I can keep things separate and organized. This one is a great option.
  6. Collapsible Cooler: A cooler is for those surprise grocery store visits or for transporting food to and from events. I like this one because it has a car organizer that folds nicely and a cooler!
  7. Umbrella: Keep an umbrella or 2 in your car. These are not only great for those summer rainstorms but if you ever get stuck on the side of a road they provide shade.
  8. Blanket: duh…picnics 🙂
  9. Snacks: Make sure you have snacks in your car that can handle the heat so avoid chocolate. I like to keep crackers, granola, and nuts.
  10. Water: I like to keep a case of water in the car at all times. I never know when we will need a drink or a kid falls down and needs a scrape washed off.
  11. Emergency Kit: You should ALWAYS have a car emergency kit in your car. In addition to the emergency car kit, I highly recommend having a Halo Car Charger in your vehicle. They are amazing and they work!
  12. Extra Clothing: I like to make sure to have extra clothing for each kid. Without fail my kids will always drop their ice cream down their shirt. We have also had our fair share of bloody noses and blowouts. Being able to change their clothes keeps them from looking homeless, most of the time.

Well, there you have! A list of things that will help keep your car tolerable this summer!

With Love ~ Charley